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white_rage's Journal

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Tired of darkies talking about white privilege while you know you worked dammed hard for what you got?

Tired of the double standards that allow for a black person to call you whitey/cracker/or anything else but everyone yells racist when you call them a nigger?

Then this communitiy is for you. Unlike the others feminist_rage , queer_rage and colorful_rage this community is open to any and is no holds bar.

Freely vent about the constant oppression and discrimination we face on a day to day basis from minorities. Of course we will be keeping to LJ’s TOS our this community will be shut down like others have been.

Community Rules:
1. Keeping the community on point. . Our main focus is race because, as far as I know, there is not currently a white rage outlet community for issues of race on livejournal.

2. Feel free to rant about the garbage of white privilege that they try shoving down your throat from day to day. Hey , that’s what this community is for.

3. Differing viewpoints are not welcome. I’m tired of hearing this white privilege shit over and over again.

4. If you have privilege of any sort you earned it on your own merits end of story.

5. Invalidation of someone's rage will get you banned. Members' rants are not up for debate.

6. Introductions are welcome when attached to a rant, but please do not post intros by themselves.

7. Community promos for White Nationalism and other things that would fit into white rage are acceptable.


Disclaimer: Though they may have joined the community the members of this group may or may not support/endorse everything that can be found at or in this community.
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